Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lake Mendocino, Labor Day 2009

My mommy and new daddy went kayaking with my Wahoo. They had lotsa fun. They decided to go upstream and then coast down with the current. But after a while it was hard to paddle upstream. So the thing to do was to get out and pull the kayaks.

What my Wahoo saw, upon looking back to see how they were doing.

Dads likes this form of locomotion a lot.

We also saw evidence that some bears had some bandas too, doing their jobs and being productive.
Just a note of *fascinating* anthropological (or is it Bandapological?) interest.


Mortadella said...

Mortie got a bowl cut!

hahahahha. dats hillarity

Wahoo said...

Banda isn't so proficient with the mouse. Dis is just a representation of what happened. Better than a photograph.

Mortadella said...

That banda production looks like a tootsie roll with chicken pox!

Mortadella said...

i like it!


my secret word is, "menses"

Dixon said...